Stuck? Need a Hint?

Not to worry. We’re in this together…

Visit one of the locations listed below, to get helpful hints!

Scan the QR code at the counter and enter the password found on the back of the sign.

South of the Portage Bridge:

Black Ice Comics & Books

503 Sheldon Ave

Houghton, MI

Chicago Beefs

414 Sheldon Ave

Houghton, MI

Portage Lake District Library

On the bookshelf just inside the door

58 Huron St

Houghton, MI

Respawn Laser Tag

Copper Country Mall

47420 M-26

Houghton, MI

Kurt’s Corner

17510 Askel Rd

Pelkie, MI

North of the Portage Bridge:

K.C. Bonker’s Toys & Coffee

119 Quincy St

Hancock, MI

Chicken Tramper Ultralight Gear

129 E Franklin St

Hancock, MI

Griffin Cafe & Catering

200 Michigan St #313

Hancock, MI

Quincy Mine

49750 US Hwy 41

Hancock, MI

Cafe Rosetta

102 5th St

Calumet, MI

Frozen Farms Company 

320 5th St

Calumet, MI

Prospector’s Paradise


Allouez, MI

You must physically go to the location to get the hint, as described at the top of this page.